Issues Facing Regional Council 2018

Good Governance

Good Governance requires the ability to listen, to respond, to communicate and to question.  This must all be accomplished through a filter of "Is this in the best interests of the constituents"?  Regional Council has been mired in controversy and has not displayed Good Governance.  

Identify Priorities

The New Council will have to work together to identify the priority issues.  Communication with Regional Staff to identify areas of concern, frustration and road blocks must be clearly identified.  Goals and working plans may then be put into place that articulate the direction the Council is taking.  Without good Leadership and commitment to Good Governance, this cannot be achieved.

Regional Areas for Strength

Key areas the Region identifies for strength include Growth or development in the Region.  Growth attracts new business and constituents.   The current Council rates their success as Below Average.  This has contributed to the Employment initiatives also being Below Average.  Investment and Infrastructure, two key areas also rate below expectations.   The only area the Council rates themselves as being slightly above average is that of taxation.  That was achieved by raising the mill rate.    

Community Stability

Community stability includes such aspects as housing, affordable housing, and mental health issues for the most vulnerable of the population.  While the Region staff running these programmes are top notch, there has not been significant progress, despite their best attempts.  Regional Council must work iconcert with all levels of government to bring down the wait time for affordable housing and for senior care.  This is a major concern for me.