August 29

Rally in Cummington Square.

Hosted by Adam Hyde and Christian Mancuso, tis rally is to inform voters on their rights.  Candidates have been invited to mingle and mix with the constituents.  A good way to meet several candidates in an informal setting.


August 30

C.R.D.C  (Chippawa Residents Development Committee) will meet in the Firehall second floor.  We are raising awareness of development issues which are challenging the infrastructure of ourcommunity and changing the socio cultural climate 

7 PM

Sept 1,

Shaw festival with friends to celebrate my birthday.  NO you cannot ask me my age!

Events Continued

Sept 4,

Cogeco is offering air time for candidates.  I am booked to film at  1:00 PM.  don't know when it will air.

Sept 5

Chippawa Dinner   a time for people in Chippawa to socialize and have fun

6 PM-?????

Sept 6

Meeting with Ownera Marketing to discuss needs

Sept 11

Niagara Falls Voters

Political Action Committee 

 Silvertown Rally

Public · Hosted by Adam Hyde 

Sept 12

PLEASE NOTE: This Forum begins at 7 pm

Women in Niagara Politics:

2018 Candidates Forum

Sept 13

C.R.D.C Meeting at Firehall in Chippawa


more Events

Sept 14


Volunteering at Carmel Arts Festival, 

 Friday Sept. 14 until Sunday Sept 16

A great event with wonderful music and amazing art.

Friday 5 PM - midnight

Saturday  and Sunday  all day

Sept. 20

Volunteering at the NIGHT OF ART at the Museum

6-10 PM

October 22

Sept 12th, 2018

Women in Niagara Politics - 2018

Candidates Public Forum

Wednesday, September 12th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

St. Catharines Centennial Library

Election Day

Come out to vote for Dianne Munro 

for Niagara Regional Councillor

... Every vote counts!