Dianne MUNRO
for Regional Council

Good Governance starts Here

Regaining Public Trust

Serving The Community

Regaining public trust is the first order of business at Regional Council.    To do that Council must:  Listen;   Question;  Evaluate what is in the best interest for the Region now, in the short term and in the long term.  In addition, Council must communicate how and why decisions are made.  Council must work together in a collegial  manner remembering who they  serve.  Niagara Region deserves integrity, transparency, and respect from their elected officials.

United By A Common Goal

We all share the goal of making Niagara Region,  a community we can be proud to call our home.   Supporting our community  requires involvment.  I sit on the Arts, Culture and Museum Board.  As chair of the subcommittee to  petition City Council to allow Street Performers,  I engaged with  BIA’s and musicians.   Public Art Committee and the Volunteer Appreciation committee , welcome my enthusiasm.  In addition, I serve as President of Willoughby Historical Society and Probus Niagara Falls East.

Walking My Talk

Many politicians appear to have their hands out asking for your money.  No where is this more evident than in an election race.  It has been said that a candidate needs at least $20,000.00 in donations to win the race.  In Niagara Region there are well over 100 candidates.  Just think what that 2 million could do for  our community!   Therefore, I have decided not to seek donations.

I also believe in protecting our ENVIRONMENT  and will not have signs. They are not bio-degradable and clog the land fill.  

Please help me prove that money should not buy elections.  Good candidates can be elected through word of mouth and social media.   

I am walking my talk,  will you help by talking me up?   I am always willing to meet with you or to answer any questions.

Join The Team